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Feb 6th chat "minutes" report [06 Feb 2005|11:56pm]

Well, the first Syndoru chat went well, all things considered. There was an ample turnout (thank you, everyone) and we got a hell of a lot decided. We're working on getting some webspace together and a website created.

First of all, mods are Kung-Foo, faranth514, shiretoko, dth2rbrth, and granate. Any questions, send them their way. Alright, so currently we're thinking about aiming for ycon for the first anthology. We'll be pimping at any cons we attend until then. There will be multiple contests (check the DA page), the first being a new mascot contest. Deadline for the mascot contest is in 2 weeks. We've decided on Naruto for the first antho's theme (all stories will be centered around this fandom). We're still looking into the exact deadline, but length will be 5-15 pages (15 is MAXIMUM). Main artists, if you don't feel comfortable with Naruto, or if you have time constraints, we can also have "splash pages" with an illustration-type fanart. We also really encourage members to work together, especially if you feel it would make it easier, or the story better.

We're going to have another chat next Saturday, 8 EST (This will be an AIM chat, please respond if you need info, or just to say you'll be there if you haven't already said so).
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[23 Jan 2005|02:51pm]

What the heck's going on with SynDoru? I don't want it to be dead... I've got so much time on my hands right now, and I really want to help in any way that I can. Does anyone know what's up?
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Hey kids, guess what time it is... [02 Jun 2004|06:18pm]

Wow guys! The LiveJournal has been most neglected! I think faranth514's idea (see previous post) was a good one, but look what happens when we all slack off! (Or at least don't talk to anyone else in the group). Deadline is coming up, so I'm going to crack the whip again... Due to the fact that we only have about 30 pages (according to Adri's counting) I think it would be much appreciated for any member with a little extra time (or just a lot of need to procrastinate) to help us out a bit... I know Adri is doing a little one page thing, and if anyone else has a page or two that they'd like to submit for the 1st Anthology, it would be appreciated. Anyone who has already said they would do something I'd like a reply from too, just because we need a page count... Like Adri stated on DevArt, 10 more pages would be ideal. Deadline is June 11th, so make sure you take this into consideration! We can also do little artist inteviews and random stuff if we can't come up with the pages, so don't feel pressured...

Now, on to the whip cracking! We had said we'd be doing this every week, but that was over a month ago! That's right ladies, it's PROGRESS REPORT TIME! I know that some of us have been reporting back and whatnot, but I think we should get everything down in one place, at least one more time before the deadline hits... This is especially important for those of you who are planning to be in the first anthology. So we need you (AAALLL OF YOU) to reply to this message (same format as before; if you don't remember, see [here]) as soon as possible... Also reply to this message if you want to do a short project to fill in all the extra space in #1! If you already have a good idea, try to write your reply in the same format as the progress reports. Mind you, we're not automatically accepting these projects. Hopefully we'll get back to you in the next day or two. (Sorry Cara, I'm kind of speaking for you, here).

Ok, that's about it! All of you slaving over your Bristol boards and ink pens, I commend you! Keep up the good work! Remember the deadline is just over a week away!
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Progress reports and A-kon stuff! [24 Apr 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Thank you for everyone's prompt replies! It really meant a lot to us <3

From now on, progress reports will be required once a week. Either Cara, Granate, myself, or anyone else who remembers will post a journal entry every Monday with the title: "Progress reports from the week of *date*." Leave a comment under that journal entry and let us know how far you've gotten. If you haven't done anything, it's okay. Just say you haven't ^^ (Most of my reports will be "...Nothing?" too XD;;)

Also! I realized when reading through the comments that most of you didn't reply simply because you didn't know what you were supposed to be doing. So, to help everyone out, here's some stuff that we could really use your help on! -->

I. Portfolio
This was already mentioned yesterday, but I think a list of guidelines (or a template of sorts) would be helpful, and clear up any questions. For those of you who are working on a comic for the first issue, a preview/teaser page or a title/splash page for the comic would be ideal. A description or summary of the story isn't required, but that would probably be a good idea, too. You can also just submit your best illustrations, but remember that we want to pimp out SynDoll's upcoming anthology :3
For the submembers and artists who aren't working on a comic, you can still submit work for the portfolio. Again, illustrations are what we're looking for. They don't have to be fanart, but remember that we're a shounen-ai group. Pretty boys will win you points XDD
If you're working on a comic, but it won't be ready for the first issue, you can still submit a preview/teaser or a title/splash page. You can also write a small summary of what your story is about. If we have space in the first anthology, we might be able to stick that in, as well, as a sort of "Coming Soon!" feature.

II. Freebies (advertisements, business cards etc.)
These are things we will be giving away or displaying at A-kon. This is a great way for many of the artists who aren't working on a comic can help out.

The advertisements and business cards have to contain the following information:
1. Our circle's name (Synthetic Doll)
2. Our website (our official website - hopefully it'll be up by then X3)
3. Who we are (shounen-ai doujinshi group made up of talented and crazy fangirls)
4. When our anthology will be out (July 30th, at Otakon)

If you can think of other things to stick up there ("BUY A HUNDRED OF OUR ANTHOLOGIES WHEN IT COMES OUT. YOU LOVE US. WE RULE THE UNIVERSE. YOU KNOW IT. YOU KNOOOOW IT."), but those definitely should be mentioned.

III. Stuff to sell (posters, prints, stationary, etc.)
For these, you don't have to have as much text, but the name "Synthetic Doll" definitely has to be on there somewhere. The main focus is aesthetic appeal ("Oooh, pretty~"), so concentrate more on the illustration and design.
If you don't have time to create new art, but still want to help, just tell us which artworks you're willing to donate for us to print off and sell. Choose your best work - ones that you think people would pay money for :3

Okay, I can't think of anything else right now... *brain-dead* If anyone else has ideas, suggestions, or questions, please speak up! This is an open community, so Livejournal users can join and post. If you're not an LJ user, just leave a comment and someone else will post it for you.

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All righty, folks... [23 Apr 2004|08:15am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Okay, I hate to do this, because I can't help it. I'm going to be a bitch for the next few minutes.

People... You need to start letting us know that you still exist. And that you're still working. Except for a select few, no one has been replying to notes or journals. No one has been submitting progress reports (despite our insistent nagging), and nooooooo ooooooone is letting us know what's going on!

The deadline for the comic for SynDoll's first anthology is June 11th. That may sound like a long time from now, but it really isn't. If you want to be in the first issue (hopefully it'll be published in time for Otakon), then you have to let us know. Now. The only confirmed stories for the first issue are: Pi (Cara's), Lirimaer (Granate's), and Sleepless (mine).

I know how hard Cara is working for us, but in case you do not, let me tell you: she is working damn hard. In return, please start listening to our updates. Please start replying. Even if it's just a note to say "Yeah, I heard you," because right now I don't know if anyone's even listening. The journal on dA is all but ignored, and this Livejournal is just as silent. Synthetic Doll is a doujinshi circle - a community. If it's just Cara and me yelling at you, nothing will get done.

I hate doing this, because I am probably the last person on Earth who should be lecturing about deadlines >_<;;; But SynDoll is something that I really care about. I really do want to see this work, you guys. I want to see us published! We can't do this, though, if no one is going to participate!!

Okay. That being said, here is what's going on:

1) We are attending A-kon. We have a table reserved, we have SynDoll members attending... It's on.
2) We need to compile a portfolio of sorts, to display our work. Things you could submit for the 'folio: previews/teasers of your comic, title/splash pages, illustrations.
3) We are planning on selling prints. Those who wish to contribute their artwork need to contact us and let us know which ones you are willing to give.
4) We are planning on giving away freebies. Small posters, postcards, stationary, business cards etc. Again, let us know if you want to contribute your artwork.
5) SynDoll's debut is scheduled for Otakon (July 30 - August 1). We need to have the issue ready by then.

I'm getting kind of tired of having to nag like this, and I know you guys are, too. So let's make it easier on everyone and try and reply to stuff like this, okay? It's important for us to know that you're aware of what's going on, and that you're working.

Everyone who reads this, leave a comment. This journal allows anonymous comments, so even if you aren't a Livejournal member, you can do it. In your comment, make sure to include the following:
1) Your name.
2) What you're working on (if nothing, say nothing).
3) If you are working on something, how far you are and when it will be done.
4) Whether or not you wish to be in Synthetic Doll.

We have 37 members. 10 main artists, 25 sub-members, and 2 others. That's a lot of people, and that's a lot of talent. We can really do something amazing, you guys. But we have to work, and we have to be serious about it. So PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEAAASEEEEEE. Reply to this. Let us know what you're doing, what you're planning on doing. Ask questions if you have them, voice opinions if you have those. Let us know you're out there!!

My apologies for all of you who have been doing this already. Your hard work is appreciated very, very much T__T

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[14 Apr 2004|09:41am]

[ mood | grateful ]

faranth514's post soundes exactly like what I was thinking~<3  TWO pages from each main member would be ideal---they dont even have to be finished xDDD;; (Is one of those dorks who loves WIP pics).
I think it'd be great even if the main members without stories appearing in the first issue would contribute something as well, time allowing.
As for submembers, seeing as how we have such a good number and all so very talented, that, if they should choose to do so, they may pick one of their best and finest picturesto submit, and 10 will be voted into the portfolio.
And dont worry Adri, I already have one of those huge bound portfolio's with the clear plastic sheets for displaying them xDD 
The portfolio is about 18"x24", so two 8"x11" prints will fit neatly into each sleeve for display (hence why it would rock more to have two pics from each main artist)
Also, this will be a HUGE fundraising device for us.  All profits will go into getting books and other items printed.  If any artist would be willing to let us sell prints, please contact me ~ ^.^
Otherwise, Cara will have to bake and sell cookies and brownies, while forcing Christy to go into the parking lot and wash cars.  Ho ho ho.

And lastly, an urgent reminder.  Artists, I MUST know what you have done.  I realize the deadline is in June, but dont want to stress myself to tears over this again unless I have too ^^;
And submembers, dont feel shy about speaking up.  We want to see and hear your thoughts and ideas.
This is a group project, and I think it would rock if we upped the teamwork a bit. xDD 
I thought about establishing an adoption system, but I dont think that'd go over well with everyone ^^;;

[EDIT] And before I forget!  I need a status report on the website!  Buuuut I guess I can harrass Kirei and Shelly about it later... xDD;; I would make it myself in an instant, but they've seen and mocked my HTML and layout skills soooo >.>;
I really just desperately need an addy to put on fliers o__O;;

Anywho, thanks for everyones hard work and support! <3

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Project A-kon: Take two!! [14 Apr 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yay, we got a table!! *obligatory stripping and dancing naked with joy* :D :D :D

Okay, now. *cough* Down to business.
Cara mentioned the idea of doing a portfolio or a "sneak peek" for the Synthetic Doll anthology, so that A-koners will be able to look at our work and go "OMFG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER I WANT TO BUY 100 OF THESE!!11one" So here's my idea! Let's have all the artists who are working on a comic right now put together a splash page of some kind. It doesn't have to be incredibly huge (I realize that working on the comic itself is a big deal >_<;;; ...Believe me XD;), but enough so that you can show off your art skills and give the viewers an idea of what your story is about. Maybe we can put a little description/teaser or something, too? I don't know... But basically, I'm thinking that having a little mini-book would be a good idea, so that people can look forward to SynDoll's first anthology :3

I don't think we have time to print the teaser-books, but if we could probably put together one or two portfolio-type book-binders. You know the big binders with the plastic sheets where you stick paper in them? Yeah... Those. I remember seeing artists at A-kon display their work in the portfolio book-binders, and I guess we could do the same thing, no? :3

If time is too much of an issue, we can always have all of the artists just send in their best artwork and then we can put together more like a collective portfolio. The message would be: "Look! All these great artists are going to work together to make a doujinshi! You must buy 100 of them when it comes out!!"

Tell me what you think~! :D

...Man, I wish I could be there T__T *sobsob*

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Oh HELL yeah [13 Apr 2004|08:56am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

(Xposted at my journal :P)

"It's only 6 and a half weeks until A-Kon 15, and that means it's time to start finalizing things. If you are receiving this email, it means that you have a table reserved for you, and you don't need to worry about arriving at the show and not having a space."

Holy Phallic Bannana's Batman!  This is an email I got this morning.
This means SynDoru DOES have an art table. o_o Damn Damn and Double damn, I HAD to go and postpone press, didnt I? *gouges out eyes*
Oh well, whatever, I'm still immensly happy.  But this means I have to start working my ass off again o__=
Hey Kunika, Christy!  You guys still need art tables? We might as well share this one since the rest of the tables are sold out and well, I have no comics to sell yet for obvious reasons :X
I was thinking it would be cool to have like a portfolio of some of the pages of the anthology available for viewing on the table.  Kinda like a sneakpeek so we dont look like a couple of random fangirls in the middle of Komiket. ._.,

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When it rains, it shits on my head. [20 Mar 2004|01:00am]

[ mood | stressed ]

For various reasons that I dont want to get into right now, I could not get a table for A-kon.
*is all sorts of pissed at herself and the world in general*
Really sorry about that guys -_- *sigh*
If all else fails, I'll dig up a cardboard box and sit outside the parking garage trying to sell issues to passersby e__e
AND I'm still not having any luck with printers -__-
Adri, I may need to have you come up with a mono-tone version of your design =___=

Again, I cant tell you guys how sorry I am ;__; I feel like such an awful loser u__u

But in other news, how would you guys feel about possibly getting original stories printed up? Depending on how well the first Doujinshi does, I'd like to be able to give ALL the main artists a chance to have one of their own one-shot stories printed.
So if you have some half formulated ideas floating in your mind, this may be a good chance to build on them into something sellable :3
Just a thought. I dont want to get ahead of myself

AND oh GOD dont miss the deadline.
Christy, it looks like I may be needing you to do a story for the first one -__-; If you dont have time or cant come up with any ideas, that's fine. *sigh*
I hate to see the first issue pushed back, but it's starting to look like that's what may have to happen

*crawls under bed and curls into a fetal position*

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WHOOPAH. [17 Mar 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | Mm... boysex <3 ]

WhOOoOOOooOOOOOooooo FIRST ENTRYYY~!!!! *streaks through butt-nekkid*
Haha, you thought the streak attacks were OVER, didn't you? >D

Anyways... *settles down*
Um... I'll start things off, and be all professional. I am currently about... oh... I'd say maybe 40% finished with the comic, just in the sketching/inking department (not counting tones and such). I'm going to work on it a bunch the rest of this week, this weekend, next week... Hopefully I can finish before April 3rd, which is when I leave for Dallas, but if not, then I'll work on it on the plane and scan it at Lena's house and send it to you from there XD;;

And here be proof that I've actually finished stuff, and that I'm actually working on stuff -->

Whee~ X3

Let's all tell each other how far we've gone, m'kay? :D

Pretty boys love~ <3
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